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Positive, Motivational Dog Training 

Recall Workshops!

Does your dog run off to see every other dog it sees?

Are you struggling to get him to come when called? 

Recall is one of the basic skills we want our dogs to do, but one we often struggle with!

Would you like to learn proven, fun methods to improve your dogs recall in a safe, enclosed environment?

Special Offer!

An hours 1-1 training in a safe, enclosed environment, focussing on recall games. Teach your dog to come when you want, not when he wants! Show your dog that you are fun to be around and respond to.

In a fully fenced field in the Newton Mearns area we can share enjoyable ways to connect with your dog, understand his motivations and harness them to help your dog focus on you an come when he is called!

Full hour training 50 pounds

Coming soon!


Puppy socialisation parties - Safe, clean environment for your pup to have new experiences, learn how to interact properly with other dogs, people and the environment. For pups from first vaccinations to 16-18 weeks depending on breed.