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Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Last years fireworks celebrations were especially stressful for many dogs, due to a combination of good weather and the 5th of November falling on a weekend.

Did your dog hide, tremble, refuse to go out, bark, pant or otherwise show lots of distress last year?

Now is the time to do something about it to ensure your dog is more relaxed for the fireworks season and you can all enjoy a more peaceful Guy Fawkes!

Training your dog to accept the loud noises and bangs of fireworks is a process best begun when there's little chance of hearing them, and you can gradually build up your dogs exposure to the scary thing while it is under your control.

Special Offer!

To prepare for fireworks this year a special 1-1 session, covering all aspects of desensitising your dog to fireworks, management of the surroundings to support you and your dog and look at what else you can do to ensure a tranquil time of it! 

Session will last approximately 2 hours at a cost of £70. This will be in your own home and cover all aspects of preparing your dog for Bonfire night. Included in this offer will be email and/or Facebook support in the run up to and on the night of the 5th November, with reminders and videos of training sessions to keep you on the right track.

Coming soon! 

Special offers on recall 121's.